Jewellery Care



Remove all jewellery before bathing, applying lotions and perfumes. If your brass jewellery does come into contact with water, wipe dry immediately. Store in a cool dry place inside the box / cotton bag provided. These measures will help prevent oxidisation from developing too quickly (i.e darkening of the brass). 
If pieces do become tarnished however, fear not, as this can be easily rectified by using the pro polish pad provided. Simply buff with the pad untill the tarnish is lifted and the piece becomes shiny again
. If pieces become heavily tarnished or have dark water spots etc, I would recommend using ‘Brasso’ - an inexpensive product found at most supermarkets and is excellent for removing stubborn marks and tarnish.

I provide polish pads with all my jewellery, but if you wish to buy more you can do so here.


Ecosilver (recycled 925 sterling silver) does best when worn regularly. Tarnish can be accelerated by contact with perfumes, creams and chemically treated water so remove pieces first. Store jewellery in cotton bag / box provided in between wears in a cool dry place. Clean using the pro polish pad provided.
To clean ecosilver, buff the item with the pro polish pad provided to remove any build up of tarnish.


I use certified ethical gold for my plated pieces which is 2 microns thick. Remove pieces before bathing, applying perfumes and creams and store jewellery in a cool dry place inside the box /cotton bag provided. I supply a gold polish cloth with my plated pieces which is a little less abrasive than the pro polish pad.
To remove any build up of tarnish, very gently buff with the cloth provided.
If you would like any further info regarding cleaning and caring for your jewellery, please get in touch.